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Sore throat ranks next to ear ache as the leading reason why children visit their clinicians. The biggest challenge is to determine whether a sore throat is due to a strep throat which potentially can result in heart and joint disease, aka rheumatic ...
Sore throat ranks next to ear ache as the leading reason why children visit their clinicians. The biggest challenge is to determine whether a sore throat is due to a strep throat which potentially can result in heart and joint disease, aka rheumatic fever, or whether a sore throat is due to other causes.

Children and adolescents with a sore throat that is as a result of strep throat would have: an unrelenting sore throat of a sudden onset, fever may or may not be present, and the appearance of a tender neck gland, also called a lymph node. In the absence of cough, these symptoms make the diagnosis of strep more likely. A skin rash, which feels like sandpaper, and or a tongue resembling the surface of a strawberry, the healthline.com so called strawberry- tongue may also be present with certain strain of strep throat infection. One can also complain of difficulty in swallowing, headache and abdominal discomfort, which is a sympathy pain of lymphoid tissue in the abdomen.

Diagnosis, Rapid strep Antigen test

'Group A hemolytic streptococcus', GABHS is the causative bacterium implicated for strep throat. To look for its presence in the throat, a rapid strep antigen test is conducted.

To conduct this test, a clinician collects exudate secretion from the patient's tonsillar area using a swab-stick. The secretion is tested using solutions from a proprietary strep test kit. This test result is vademecum.es obtained within minutes. This is a remarkably sensitive test. Throat cultures can also be sent for a negative result in patients in whom the clinician has a strong suspicion for strep infection. Results of a throat culture takes 2-3 days.


Treatment of strep throat is readily available. Proper diagnosis [rapid strep and or throat culture] unal.edu.co before the use of antibiotic must be sought at all times. This may not always be possible, especially in poor and developing countries where such simple tests are not available or reliable, and patients are treated empirically.

Penicillin in different formulations is the drug of choice. Some popular penicillin for the treatment of strep throat include:

Penicillin V Potassium, twice or three times daily for 10 days, using 250 mg for children less than 27 kg and 500 mg dose for adolescents and adults weighing more than 27 kg

Amoxil 50mg/kg/day divided into two to three doses, given for 7-10 days, is another popular regimen


For some yet fully undetermined reasons, the presence of strep in some people can trigger the body's immune system to turn against their own tissue. This is known as an autoimmune reaction.

Acute Rheumatic fever is one of those disease conditions that can develop, 1-3 weeks following a strep throat infection. It involves the heart, the solaceinabook.com brain, the joints and the skin. Some of the signs and symptoms suggestive of these sequelae include heart related chest pain, joint swellings, skin rash, and uncoordinated dance-like movement of the body, known as chorea. Acute rheumatic fever is treated aggressively with penicillin. ARF can be prevented if strep throat is diagnosed early and antibiotic given within 9 days of infection.


School children who have strep throat should not return to school until 24 hours after starting the appropriate Antibiotic treatment. The disease is passed on to another person from hadleytownship.org air droplets from throat, mouth and nostrils. Avoid close contact with people recently diagnosed with strep throat. Patients often contract the disease from crowded areas and close contacts such as classmates, gym-mates or family members who have strep throat. It takes 2-5 days between exposure and symptoms of illness to occur. Ask a close contact with strep to cover fecosva.com their mouth while coughing or sneezing. Hand washing, general hygiene, good nutrition, plant- based meals can help in boosting general body immunity.

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